Alumni Profile: Rob Drummer

Do you ever wonder what our graduates get up to? Drama alumni from the University of Manchester have gone on to have a variety of careers; our series of alumni profiles shows just a few of the directions a drama degree can take you in. All our featured alumni graduated in the last ten years and here Rob Drummer, the first in our series, tells us what he loves about his job and what he got out of studying at Manchester.


Rob DrummerScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 09.26.45

BA Drama, 2009

I am the Associate Dramaturg at The Bush Theatre in London. I lead on all new writing activity, playwright discovery, commissioning and development for the Bush and take the dramaturgical lead for all in-house productions at the theatre. As a member of the senior artistic team my responsibilities lie in embedding writers at the heart of all we do and engaging our artists and audiences with new plays that are plural, have contemporary bite, and represent the breadth of culture today.

Every day I get to work with new plays, playwrights and theatre makers who are engaged under the roof of the Bush to look at the world. Having the opportunity to pull in experiences of a broad contemporary culture to our stage and make work for a curious audience is a privilege. Ultimately I get to share in a conversation and enable a generation of artists to lay claim to their narrative so we might all share in it.

Whilst an undergraduate at the University of Manchester I was actively encouraged to generate new work. As a director and theatre artist I was able to make original pieces especially in my final year when I was supported to be curious about storytelling. My drama degree is a foundation that I have built on in the years since graduating and it has engaged me to be involved in an active network of artists who I have been inspired by and collaborated with.


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