Alumni Profile: Annie Woodson

Do you ever wonder what our graduates get up to? Drama alumni from the University of Manchester have gone on to have a variety of careers; our series of alumni profiles shows just a few of the directions a drama degree can take you in. All our featured alumni graduated in the last ten years – here Annie Woodson tells us what she loves about her job and what she got out of studying at Manchester.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 08.23.45Annie Woodson

BA Drama, 2006

I am a freelance filmmaker and workshop practitioner. I make short films, music videos and installations for arts organisations, development NGOs, museums and theatres. I also run stop-motion animation workshops within schools and community groups.

My job is different every day and I am constantly learning new things – from disaster resilience strategies in Honduras that need weaving together into a coherent story, to new software that might totally change the way I work. As well as the work, I love that I am able to spend time with a huge variety of people through shoots and workshops; whether it’s school children, professional actors or community groups.

My degree made me excited about learning and about making. When I saw how much work there is out there and how many people are experimenting in creating theatre, films and live installations, I wanted to be one of them.

The first animation I ever made was a part of my Drama degree, and it not only made me realize that I wanted to make more, but it gave me something to show to other people. This ultimately led me to a Manchester filmmaking collective and to building a career doing what I love.


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