MA Theatre and Performance: Spill

Our MA students do a variety of things as part of their course. One option for them is the Directed Practice module, where they create a piece of independent practice that forms the basis of research. This year, MA Theatre and Performance student Caitlin Gleeson has created a solo performance as a culmination of this work which is on this week – more info below.
Spill, written and performed by Caitlin Gleeson
‘If I tell you, will I be able to forget? If I tell you, it might tear apart the story I’ve tried so hard to remember.’
Spill is a one-woman show that questions how we remember our own pasts. Weaving together amusing anecdotes, red wine and sobering truths, this performance explores what it means to talk and to keep silent in the aftermath of something unspeakable. 
Wednesday 18th May, 2pm
John Thaw Studio Theatre
Martin Harris Centre
Bridgeford Street (off Oxford Road)
M13 9PL
Running time: 20 minutes
Spill is free to attend but in order to reserve a ticket please email by 5pm on 17th May.

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