Workshop Opportunity: Theatre for Development

pic for caitlin

Bobby Smith, a PhD student in Drama and Global Development, has organised a Theatre for Development workshop which will be co-led by Maxwel Okuto, the director of Amani People’s Theatre in Kenya. They will hold a session in London on the 30th June 4-6pm and another in Manchester on the 7th July 3-5pm (TBC). The interactive workshop aims to share information about Theatre for Development, and about Amani People’s Theatre’s approach to peace education and conflict resolution. It is suitable for those with an interest in applied arts and international development, as well as for those who have been actively working in the sector. Attendance is free, but places are limited to 20. Please contact Bobby at for more information and to confirm your attendance at one of the workshops.

About Amani People’s Theatre: APT was founded in 1994 by young African artist-peace builders. APT employs an interactive multi-arts approach to peace building and conflict resolution training. Their process integrates education, entertainment and research in exploring conflict and searching for non-violent responses to such conflicts. The organisation has worked mainly in grassroots community contexts in rural and urban Kenya, but has also conducted workshops and performances across East Africa, Sudan, Europe and North America. APT draws on the educational, therapeutic and meditative elements of indigenous African performance, as well as the work of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.

About the project: Maxwel and Bobby have been awarded funding by Arts Council England and the British Council to collaborate on exploring drama and theatre for peace and conflict resolution in Kenyan criminal justice contexts. The work also feeds into Bobby’s PhD research in applied theatre and Theatre for Development partnerships between the UK and East Africa.


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